CB Resourcing is a specialist recruitment consultancy focusing in the areas of information, records and knowledge management, research and analysis, corporate librarianship, technology and digital recruitment.  We provide a 360-degree service to our clients leveraging the long established networks our team has built up to connect you with the best skills and talent for your organization. 

The CB Resourcing team are highly experienced recruiters and talent managers with over 90 years combined experience servicing the knowledge, information and records management, research, analysis and technology sectors globally.  Our team are seasoned professionals whose expertise and networks in the sector gives them access to large talent pools of skilled individuals.  We have successfully worked across the private and public sectors providing talent and expertise enabling us to build trusted partnerships with the organizations we work with.

Our skills and experience enable us to offer a tailored service working in close partnership with our clients.  This means that we can build long term relationships with hiring managers giving our team a unique understanding of our client’s organization, culture and needs.  This gives us the ability to identify the right candidates for you not only in terms of hard skill sets but also in terms of good fit for the organization.  Our commitment is to find you the most suitable candidate who can be effective as quickly as possible.

The skills and nature of our team mean that we are able to offer a flexible service that can offer contingency recruitment as well as detailed executive search services, interim management and experts for strategic projects.

Due to the specialist nature of the talent we can connect our clients with, CB Resourcing works with a wide range of organizations nationally and internationally.

Our major client groups:

·       Financial services, including private equity, investment banking as well as boutiques

·       Professional services, including the big four consultancies as well as a number of other global firms

·       Law and legal services, CB Resourcing works with a large number of law firms supporting specialist recruitment for legal libraries, innovation and knowledge management

·       Private sector including corporate & SMEs

·       Publishers, research houses, content provider & solutions vendors

·       Public sector including a number of government regulators

·       Third and not-for-profit sector

Typical assignments:

CB Resourcing is focused on the world of information and knowledge.  This stretches from librarianship to analysis, knowledge transfer and retention, as well as a wide range of related specialist roles.

Assignments have included:

·       Sales Director, financial services team of a leading data provider 

·       Senior Analyst, life science thought leadership, global professional services firm

·       Knowledge & Information Officer, magic circle law firm

·       Replacing an entire library research team for a magic circle law firm relocating their back office to the North West.

·       Hiring a team of specialist library and learning resources roles for a leading London University      undergoing a transformation in their library services

·       Insurance Industry Thought Leadership Manager, global consultancy

·       Senior Client Services Officer, global pharmaceutical data provider

·       Senior Thought Leadership Analyst Consumer Goods, global professional services 

·       Head of Knowledge, national law firm

·       Head of Contributions, financial data publisher


·       Executive Search

·       Contingent recruitment

·       Interim & Strategic Projects

·       Benchmarking and strategic advisory


At CB Resourcing our strength is in our networks. Our team are heavily involved in leading professional industry bodies across the information world and come with decades of experience and contacts in the industry.

Through our strong networks our team can access the specialist expertise our clients require and take a research based approach to sourcing talent.  For more on our recruitment and sourcing services please use the links below:

·       Executive Search

·       Contingent recruitment

·       Interim & Strategic Projects

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·   Candidate interviews

The candidate interview is an important part of the hiring process but it can be difficult to get to know a person enough in the short period of time you have in an interview.  At CB Resourcing we will provide you with a short list that closely meets the requirements you have discussed with us but choosing that one person who is going to ultimately be the best fit starts with your interview.  The interview is also an opportunity for convincing top talent that your organization is the one they should come to work for.

Given the importance of the interview and making the best use of the time allocated to help you make your hiring decision, we have outlined our top tips below to ensure your interview goes as smoothly as possible:

Preparation is key.  It may sound obvious but in today’s busy work environments people are often time poor, however spending a little dedicated time in preparation can really improve the results you can gain from an interview.  Firstly you should decide on how you will assess the candidate and prepare your questions appropriately. 

·       The best way to do this is to review the job description or person specification, look at how others have performed in the role or similar roles, what worked, how were they successful?

·       Consider best fit for your team and organization, how does a person need to behave to be successful?

Situational based questioning will help you with this.  Give the person real life scenarios and ask them how they would solve a problem or respond to a situation.

During the interview, making the person feel comfortable will help to reduce stress and give you a more accurate view of them and how they might fit in your organization.  Giving them a list of topics you want to cover may also help them prepare beforehand and feel more comfortable during the interview if it is appropriate.

It can be helpful to have others involved in the interview to gain different perspectives on the candidate.  It is recommended that three people are the optimum in this situation.  More than three can lengthen the decision process too much.  People to involve in the interview can include: your boss, a member of your team or a member of the HR team.

·  Making your hire effective as soon as possible

Here at CB Resourcing we believe in using the tools and techniques developed by our industry to help improve the recruitment process where we can.  The Gifted Network is a knowledge management technique that is ideal in helping new hires of all expertise and abilities get quickly up to speed in a new role and embed into the organization. 

Each new hire has their own unique network.  A Gifted Network is a resource of ‘go to people’ in the organization who can either aid in terms of expertise or whose own roles are integral in enabling the new hire to do their job effectively.  This network should be comprised of people who are happy to take the time needed to perform this role.  It does not necessarily need to be comprised of the same people exactly as those who would take part in an induction as a Gifted Network is designed as a long-term resource that the new hire can develop and build on.  For more information on developing Gifted Networks please contact us.

·  Our recruitment team are experienced practitioners, we are members of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC). We work to the REC’s professional code of practice.  Our Directors hold the following status with the REC:

  • Darron Chapman FIRP
  • Simon Burton CertRP


·   Salary benchmarking

Salary benchmarking is an important tool in the competition to attract and retain top talent.  Although a lot of information on salary and compensation packages are available for publically listed companies it is not always easy to find and can be very time consuming and if you need to compare with other private companies in a particular sector it can prove a big challenge.  Here at CB Resourcing we are able, through our networks and contacts to provide you with the research services to assess salary and compensation packages for similar positions in your sector.  To find out more about our salary benchmarking services please contact us.

·  Sponsored advertising

We are happy to offer the ability for clients to advertise directly for positions on our site.  To find out more about our sponsored advertising packages please contact us.