Specialists in knowledge management, digital, libraries, technology, research & analysis recruitment in publishing,
professional & legal ​services, consulting and banking.

Knowledge & Information Management

We source candidates from around the globe who are specialists in retrieving, documenting and incorporating explicit, implicit and tacit knowledge for small and large scale organisations. We work with top tier strategy consultancies, global professional services firms, top law firms, government, academia and blue chip corporates.

Research & Analysis

CB Resourcing has a proven history of working with top tier strategy consultancies, Investment Banking, Analyst Research Publishers, global professional services firms, top law firms and blue chip corporates sourcing talent for research and analysis job roles. Our team’s expertise in this area has enabled us to build a network of connections covering a wide range of senior expertise and knowledge. We work with skilled individuals who are experienced in primary and secondary research techniques to research, collate and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data.

Digital & Technology

CB Resourcing recognizes that information and knowledge professionals need to work in synergy with technology professionals and so we have dedicated experts in this area with many years experience in successfully sourcing and delivering skilled talent into organisations. Our focus in this area is to work from the corporate IT stack to more strategic roles in collaboration technology, Artificial Intelligence, Contract Automation, new product development and Tax technology.

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Knowledge Management in Private Equity

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Knowledge Management consulting

As the leading recruitment business and consultancy for knowledge management (KM), CB Resourcing regularly consults on knowledge management projects across a range of industries from consulting to private equity. Our team bring decades of experience scoping the KM challenges faced by our clients organisations into defi... read more...