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Legaltech jobs.  At CB Resourcing we support almost every law firm with a significant UK presence as well as several large GC legal operations departments.

Our combined expertise has enabled us to develop a strong trusted network within the legal technology community. CB Resourcing has strong track record placing professionals within a wide range of legal technology positions.

Typical roles include:

  • Head of Innovation
  • Director of Knowledge Systems
  • Programme Manager (Manzama roll out)
  • Legal Technology Analyst
  • Knowledge Analyst (HighQ)
  • Head of Client Facing Products
  • Head of Contract Automation (Contract Express)
  • Legal Innovation Manager
  • Product Manager 
  • Legal Engineer
  • Knowledge Engineer
  • Document Automation Manager (Contract Express)
  • Knowledge Solutions Analyst (HighQ)
  • Legal Technology Executive (Luminance, HighQ, AI, Contract Express)

You can register as a candidate as well as review our interview tips or contact us for further information.

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