Knowledge Management in 2021

Posted 22/1/2021 by Simon Burton
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Knowledge Management in 2021... Thanks to the team at iManage for this interesting perspective.  Knowledge Management Might Be Financial Services’ Secret Weapon In 2021.

This resonates with many of the conversations we've been having with clients in financial services and many other sectors.

Particularly: "Even businesses with the most advanced KM functions have traditionally relied on people “popping their head around your door” to have a chat. As workforces get used to remote working, KM has a huge part to play here."

We believe that #KM has an essential role to play in addressing the creativity crisis recently identified in this Financial Times article Where’s the spark? How lockdown caused a creativity crisis.  

Without serendipitous in-person connections in the office, the role of knowledge professionals is becoming essential to actively curate, connect and leverage expertise, new innovations and ideas.

Our team have supported a number of organisations in taking their first steps in building an in house knowledge management capability. If you've read this far and would like to know more please do contact us for a conversation.

Over the past year alongside our work helping established teams we’ve supported organisations in building brand new KM teams across private equity, consulting, insurance and more.

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