CB Resourcing - Business Information Services Consulting with Stephen Phillips

about 1 month ago by Simon Burton

CB Resourcing - Business Information Services Consulting with Stephen Phillips




CB Resourcing – Business Information Services consulting

Stephen is a highly regarded figure in the business information industry. He brings deep industry expertise from his experience in a global leadership position with a bulge bracket US investment bank. 

Via collaboration with CB Resourcing the leading information services recruiter and consultancy Stephen will be offering the following services:

- Strategic sourcing and optimising business information vendor relationships

   - Content audits

   - Information and data provider supplier partnerships

   - Procurement

   - Cost review

   - Hard copy vs digital

   - Accessibility

- Advising on offshoring, reshoring and outsourcing business information services

   - Right sourcing

   - Cost savings

- Business continuity planning for business information services

- Process automation strategies

- Working with information suppliers to align their sales process with client buying processes and create robust partnerships

If you have a project you’d like to discuss please contact: simon.burton@cbresourcing.com