What are the metrics of the future?

4 months ago by Simon Burton

What are the metrics of the future?

What are the Metrics of the Future for Research Teams?

We're currently working in a world where almost all forecasts are out of date as soon as they're written, and Corporates around the globe are delaying their results. So, what are the important metrics right now, and how is the format of research deliverables adapting to this ever?

Our prediction is, that an explosion in the use of alternative data is going on in research teams that are having to rethink their information sources. We also think those research providers with deep networks for primary research will have a competitive edge when it comes to situational awareness of what is happening on the ground.

We’ll be exploring this with our research leadership clients in the coming weeks, and our Managing Director Simon Burton has been inviting thoughts from his network. We'll be collating these into a report on the research landscape, which we'll be delighted to share with you all soon.

If you have any thoughts and would like to contribute, contact simon.burton@cbresourcing.com with your comments.