Information Provider responses to Covid19 - Research Leadership Network

4 months ago by Stephen Phillips

Information Provider responses to Covid19 - Research Leadership Network

CB Resourcing held it’s most recent Research Leadership Network meeting virtually this morning. Attendees are in leadership positions from across the consulting, banking, legal and professional services world.

Today’s meeting focused on supplier activity in the current covid19 crisis.

Thanks very much to Stephen Phillips for writing up some reflections following a group discussion with some of CB Resourcing’s clients this morning.


Suppliers are stepping up to support their clients during these challenging times; our clients have shared their insights on how they are responding:


  • Relationship management: knowing your clients’ workflows and requirements enables suppliers to be proactive


  • Suppliers who behave as partners will be remembered in the future


  • Build trust: allowing clients “behind the curtain” with access to product and analyst teams builds stronger relationships


  • Business continuity: clients appreciate vendors that allow flexibility in their licensing


  • Changing information needs: clients want reliable “branded” products, but free and alternative data sources are increasingly used to give users an edge


  • Managing overload: clients want vendors to help them access critical information and remove distractions


  • Business criticality: as clients tighten their belts, purchasing decisions are attracting more scrutiny


  • Internal sources: opportunities to make more of internal data are hindered by compliance and workload


Our leadership networks will be meeting weekly, our next meeting ‘What are the metrics of the future’ will have a guest speaker to frame the discussion looking at what information is important in a world where many forecasts are out of date instantly and corporates are delaying their results.

If you’re in a leadership position in business research email simon.burton@cbresourcing.com to find out more. Spaces are limited for these networks and we operate Chatham House rule.