An update from CB Resourcing

4 months ago by Simon Burton

An update from CB Resourcing

An update from CB Resourcing

Firstly, thank you to all of our clients, candidates and suppliers. The kindness and community spirit of those around us has certainly buoyed the team and me.

Our clients and candidates have been asking how this has impacted both CB Resourcing and the information recruitment market so here are a few thought from us:

  • Our team is safe and well. We made the decision last week to have the team work virtually as we’d already made the investment in a secure infrastructure to allow flexible working. I’m proud to see our team working hard to help our clients and candidates during these difficult times.
  • I can’t sugar coat it, it’s certainly a challenging time. We’ve had clients putting work on hold as they work tirelessly to manage the transition to move their workforces into virtual environments, as well as manage uncertainties in their own businesses.
  • It’s not all doom and gloom! There are still companies pressing on with hiring and have transitioned to managing recruitment processes virtually. Check out our website for details: https://www.cbresourcing.com/
  • We’re starting to see some green shoots as companies adjust their hiring processes to the ‘new normal’.
  • Knowledge & information management in a virtual working environment is now more important than ever. This is a time where the profession is making a real difference.
  • As schools are closing, many working parents, including some of our own team, may be working alongside their children doing their schoolwork. Again, this will be hard to manage for many parents. Equally, those with other care responsibilities are going to find this very difficult to manage. We will all have to show support and understanding to each other because we are all in this together.

On the whole, I’m lucky to be able to say our clients have been fantastic. After speaking to many other small business owners in my network to find out their challenges, I wanted to share a few thoughts below.

Be kind to your suppliers, particularly small businesses, who may not have access to endless credit. A few ways you can help:

  • Find out if your organisation pays any later than 30 days, push your procurement or finance team to move to a more responsible practice.
  • If your suppliers need a PO to get paid, make sure you help them get it sorted out promptly.
  • If you use a managed service provider for any outsourced services, find out when they are paying any subcontractors as it’s them that are hardest hit in times like these. It will almost always be more than 30 days; try to find a way to fix this.
  • Recognise they are doing the best they can for you with limited resources. For instance, IT or accountancy services providers will be overwhelmed right now keeping their clients operational. They are as stressed as the rest of us fighting through this situation.
  • Be clear with suppliers and treat them fairly, don’t ask them to use their time writing large proposals or responding to RFPs unless there is a realistic chance of giving them your business.

Thanks for reading – we will continue to update our network as developments unfold. CB Resourcing is still very much open for business and will continue to be so.

Stay safe.

Simon and the team