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We at CB Resourcing work with a wide range of industry research firms as well as major consultancies and professional service businesses who hire Industry Analysts.

Master craftsmen vs process driven research environments.

From the outside many research firms may appear similar in output while the research talent is profoundly different. There is no one right answer on what is better, there are different approaches that work better for different tasks and scale of environments.

Analysts coming from large process driven research operations are used to playing a very specific role within a large group with other groups responsible for client interaction, data collection, proposals, setting the research agenda, forecasting etc. Usually the larger firms have this type of templated, highly repeatable research process to form the core of their product. This approach brings a strong ability to scale a broadly scoped research product. This type of firm often has a top layer of ‘master craftsman’ Analysts with a strong personal brand owning some hot topics as a figurehead.

Those with a ‘master craftsmen’ type of operation often get involved in anything from data collection to client presentations. These Analysts are usually in a smaller firms that with deep strengths in a specific niche. It’s harder to scale this type of research firm but the output usually has far more depth than the larger firms are prepared to go to.  

Typical we’ve worked on at CB Resourcing have included:

  • Head of Research – leading consumer electronics research business
  • Research Director, Risktech
  • Principal Analyst – TMT
  • Research Manager – Life Sciences
  • Director of Though Leadership – Retail
  • Research Director – PC’s & devices
  • Senior Analyst, Edtech
  • Principal Analyst - IoT