Knowledge Management in a time of crisis online event... CILIP 19th May

3 months ago by Simon Burton

Knowledge Management in a time of crisis online event... CILIP 19th May

CB Resourcing are proud partners with CILIP on this timely online event. Knowledge Management in a time of crisis.

On the 19th May, CILIP is holding a one day conference event looking at how Knowledge Management has helped large organisations in the public and private sectors deal with the disruption of COVID-19. This article explores the role of KM in a time of crisis and how harnessing knowledge can help any organisation or community to be more resilient in future.

People who work in emergency preparedness and disaster recovery around the globe often speak of the three ‘phases’ of any crisis - the event itself, the impact of the event and the gradual process of recovery.

In the case of COVID-19, the ‘event’ is still unfolding. It has disrupted every aspect of our daily lives, our society and our economy. It is too early to tell what the longer-term impacts will be, but it is clear that our ability to harness, share and make effective use of knowledge will be a decisive factor, not only in how we deal with the initial shock but also how effectively and confidently we are able to think about the future.

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